Cluster Quorum PowerShell Commands

Here are some Cluster PowerShell Commands worth having in your arsenal. Get-Cluster This will simply show the cluster name Get-ClusterQuorum | ft QuorumType This will confirm the Quorum type in use. For an AlwaysOn configuration, this should be node majority. For a Failover Cluster Instance then this should be node Continue Reading

Creating Fake Data for Testing

One of the problems facing us in the new GDPR compliance world is scrambling/obfuscating production data in our testing environments. I’ve certainly been guilty in the past of having multiple backups of production data lying around on test servers and also having production data in test environments which should be Continue Reading

SSRS Database Migration – Cannot View Subscriptions

Moving the SSRS database to another server is a fairly straightforward process. You can detach/attach or Backup (copy_only)/Restore or even generate scripts (really?). The only other thing to do is point reporting services to the new report server database using Reporting Services Configuration manager and you are all set. Unless Continue Reading

Automating SQL Installs

Here’s how I do a basic silent install of SQL Server. Configuration File You can’t start this unless you have an installation configuration file from a previous install. Your Configuration File (ConfigurationFile.ini) can be found in the following location: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\120\Setup Bootstrap\Log\ Within this location there will be Continue Reading

Configure Quorum for SQL Server High Availability

Quorum, quorum, quorum, quorum, quorum. Quorum, quorum, quorum, quorum, quorum, quorum and quorum. Quorum, quorum, quorum! Quorum, quorum, quorum, quorum, quorum, quorum, quorum. Quorum, quorum, quorum, quorum, quorum, quorum; quorum, quorum, quorum. If you repeat the word quorum enough times, you will eventually learn and understand it. If only that Continue Reading