Creating Fake Data for Testing

One of the problems facing us in the new GDPR compliance world is scrambling/obfuscating production data in our testing environments. I’ve certainly been guilty in the past of having multiple backups of production data lying around on test servers and also having production data in test environments which should be Continue Reading

Automating SQL Installs

Here’s how I do a basic silent install of SQL Server. Configuration File You can’t start this unless you have an installation configuration file from a previous install. Your Configuration File (ConfigurationFile.ini) can be found in the following location: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\120\Setup Bootstrap\Log\ Within this location there will be Continue Reading

Configure Quorum for SQL Server High Availability

Quorum, quorum, quorum, quorum, quorum. Quorum, quorum, quorum, quorum, quorum, quorum and quorum. Quorum, quorum, quorum! Quorum, quorum, quorum, quorum, quorum, quorum, quorum. Quorum, quorum, quorum, quorum, quorum, quorum; quorum, quorum, quorum. If you repeat the word quorum enough times, you will eventually learn and understand it. If only that Continue Reading

Availability Groups: 5 Things

Here are some configurations that I feel are worth noting about AlwaysOn Availability Groups.  There are plenty of other best practices and configuration guides around but these are issues I’ve experienced when supporting existing AlwaysOn AGs and have therefore re-configured them or added these configurations to my standard AG builds. Continue Reading

But I’m only running Select Queries!

Just because you only have db_datareader access to production doesn’t mean you can’t cause a great deal of harm. I’ve worked in a few areas where against my advice, we have developers, analysts and report writers who  still have access to Production Environments. Normally most business owners have finally relented Continue Reading