Thanks for stopping by.

I’m a DBA who has worked extensively with MS SQL Server 2000 right up to 2016 (and counting). I’m no expert (although I’ve met and spoken to a few) but I like to think I’m pretty good at a few things within SQL Server but I’m happy to admit I still have some holes in knowledge which I normally fill from reading other SQL blogs/sites from like-minded people. Like a lot of DBAs, I fell into this lark accidentally but I’ve gradually fallen in love with the trade and I couldn’t imagine another way I’d rather earn money. Well, I could name a couple actually.

This site is mainly for my reference so that once I’ve learnt a trick, tested something, broken something or simply read about it, I can blog about it and there’s a better chance I won’t forget it. But also if anyone else happens upon this site, I hope I might be able to help them out too. In time, I hope to have a few extra resources up here like T-SQL scripts and test databases.

I currently live in East Sussex in the UK. I love music, I love running and I love 1940s Film Noir. I will occasionally blog about other interests and I will most definitely rant too.

You are welcome to use any code, words, images or music from this site but please tell me if you do.