Cluster Quorum PowerShell Commands

Here are some Cluster PowerShell Commands worth having in your arsenal.


This will simply show the cluster name

Get-ClusterQuorum | ft QuorumType

This will confirm the Quorum type in use. For an AlwaysOn configuration, this should be node majority. For a Failover Cluster Instance then this should be node and disk majority.

Get-cluster | ft name, dynamicQuorum, witnessDynamicWeight –autosize

This will tell you if dynamic Quorum is set up and its current Weight.  Your Dynamic Quorum should be 1 (hopefully you are using Windows Server 2012 R2??) If the number of nodes is odd, you should expect this to be 0.


This will tell you the current state of each cluster node

Get-ClusterNode | ft name , dynamicWeight, NodeWeight –Autosize

This will tell you the current weight of each node. If a node goes down, then the dynamic weight will be 0.


This will tell you the current WitnessDynamicWeight. A return of 1 means the witness has a vote; a return of 0 means the witness doesn’t have a vote. For an odd number of nodes, this should be 0 but for an even number this should be 1.


This will run validation tests on your failover cluster hardware

You can run all these commands remotely by using the –ClusterName parameter.