Microsoft Azure Learning Tools

These are the learning tools I have used to get my head around Microsoft Azure and the wonders of cloud computing in general.

Microsoft Virtual Academy:

Introduction to Microsoft Azure

This is a general overview of cloud computing and Azure which is essential viewing for all IT professionals and  not just DBAs/Data professionals.

Introduction SQL Azure

These videos concentrate on SQL Azure giving you a general overview as well as how to deploy and implement, monitor and maintain, and how to administrate.


The Developers Guide to Microsoft Azure

This e-books goes into more detail than the videos so this is good reference guide as you delve deeper into the world of Azure

Microsoft SQL Azure Documentation

This will give you a run-down of the service as well as guides on how to set up and deploy your first Azure database.

Use Azure Yourself

Free 12 month trial subscription

It goes without saying that hand-ons experience is the best way to learn so get over to the azure site and set up a FREE account. It lasts for a full 12 months and you can:

  • Test and deploy databases and applications.
  • Explore any Azure service for 30 days
  • 250GB worth of free SQL Databases
  • 64GB of managed disk storage
  • 15GB bandwidth
  • The rest you can read on their website!